Oxygen is for Sale! Delhi’s First Oxygen Bar; Now for ₹300, Breathe in Oxygenated ‘Pure Air’ for 15-Minutes

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Delhi is now paying to inhale fresh air. At Delhi’s Select Citywalk mall, 26-year-old Aryavir Kumar’s oxygen bar sells 15-minute bursts of oxygenated air for ₹299 and above. The business started in May 2019, is considering lively to be as Delhi gags under a phenomenal brown haze. A few specialists state such sessions have neither long haul benefits nor symptoms, however, look into shows that breathing in unadulterated oxygen can meddle with the central nervous system, cause lung diseases and even lead to loss of life.

It is being claimed that this Oxy Pure Bar selling pure air to people is the first of its kind in Delhi-NCR. Bonnie, the operator of Oxy Pure Bar, says that this concept was seen abroad and we have opened Oxy Pure Bar in Delhi, seeing the manner in which the air of Delhi is constantly becoming poisonous.

Often you will see people going to the bar and club to enjoy on the weekend. But now you can also go to the Oxygen Bar to avoid pollution in the Delhi-NCR environment. This bar has been opened at Select City Mall in Saket, Delhi. Let us know that after the conditions are fine for a few days, now the air of Delhi-NCR has deteriorated.

Crop stubble burning, coal power stations and transport-related emissions choking Delhi. The oxygen bar is certainly not the solution…but clearly shows how unbearable the situation is.

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The poison of pollution in the air of the capital Delhi has dissolved in such a way that it has reached an alarming level after touching the critical situation. For the last 15 days, Delhi-NCR is escalated in the midst of air pollution from all four sides. The burning stubble in the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana has made it difficult for people to breathe. Delhi has totally converted into an ever polluting toxic gas zone.

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A unique and new concept has come in Delhi battling air pollution. Yes, here in May this year, a person named Aryveer Kumar opened an oxy bar in Saket, Delhi. In this air lounge, you can get pure oxygen for fifteen minutes. Not only this, you can order pure oxygen in seven varieties of flavors. These flavors include  Lavender, Spearmint, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Orange, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus.

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Bar controls the pressure of the atmosphere and provides pure oxygen to its clients. Customers are given a tube through which they breathe in flavored oxygen. Any human can inhale oxygen at least once in a day. Although this concept is new in India, but it is very famous in many places abroad. It gets rid of dangerous and infectious bacteria. It is claimed that the body greatly benefits from this oxygen and the immune system is strong. Also, poisonous substances found in the blood are eliminated and help in fighting depression.


Let us know that this bar is located in the Select City Walk Mall of South Delhi. Here you can take flavored pure oxygen for 15 minutes for a minimum of Rs 299. However, the price increases according to aromas. The operator of Oxy Pure Bar said that we have seven types of aromas. With which you can enjoy pure air for 15 minutes in a musical environment for Rs 299. We are giving aromas for 499 rupees too. We tell the people who come here about this oxy pure in a complete way. If someone has a disease like asthma or bronchitis, then we refuse those people. Full precaution is taken at Oxy Bar.

As many of you know, Delhi NCR and many parts of North India are struggling to breathe and have extremely dangerous levels of air pollution. The air quality is causing irreversible damage to many, especially the children. One of the top causes of this deadly #smog is the stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana. Fixing this will require both intent and collective action on part of the Central and State Governments. More on the issue and the root cause in the video below. Citizens on Local Circles have decided to take the first step and we are working towards crowdsourcing solutions to this problem of stubble burning from the public and taking it to the Government stakeholders. If you have ideas on how #India can address the issue of stubble burning, do share your inputs at the link below or here in comments. Status Quo is just not an option for many of us!

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