PUBG launches Documentary Movie – ‘BE THE ONE’ on YouTube Top Trending; garnered over 8 Lakh Views

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PUBG MOBILE has recently shot a motivating documentary for game lovers capturing the journey of homegrown competitive players who casually pursued their dreams of developing a career in esports. The Twenty-one minutes documentary movie which was released on YouTube on November 4, 2019 and has already crossed over 8,00,000 views.

Three individuals, MortaL, ScoutOP, and Carry have played a major key role in advancing esports and gaming in India. While they come from heterogeneous backgrounds, what they share in common is Passion, hard work, persistence, confidence, and determination.

PUBGM opened the ways to aggressive gaming and gave enormous large scale platforms to capable players to contend and grandstand their in-game aptitudes to the world. This gave them the genuinely necessary extension to change themselves into ace players. While this is a tribute to their commitment towards esports in India, this likewise is a support for anybody in India to be roused by these accounts and take up gaming as a career.

As far back as the inception of PUBG Mobile, India has consistently been one of the most dynamic locales with a great deal of players, solid groups and the conceived of numerous the widely adored streamers and YouTubers. To be reasonable, PUBG Mobile was likewise the game that has lightened up the gaming scene in India. Since it doesn’t require an extravagant costly work area and all you need is a normal cell phone, truly, nearly everybody can get to the game. In addition, PUBG Mobile was released when the battle royale was trending but not everyone has a good enough personal computer to load PUBG. It was also one of the first ever battle royale on mobile phone and it offered dynamic and unique gameplay that no mobile shooter game has been able to achieve before.

In any case, PUBG Mobile wasn’t only a game in India. It has developed to turn into an esports and an industry that individuals can live off. A major some portion of this achievement was credited to streamers and genius players. They were the ones who made the PUBG Mobile people group in India by always making new substance, pulling in new players, and making a concentrated focused scene. Some of them even had their notoriety connect with universal crowds and picked up their adoration.

Did you know that PUBG esport have 400 mill players and the worlds are ongoing right now in California. Did you know eSports is considered to be included in Paris Olympics 2024? PUBG Corporation made $1.028 Billion, GTA made $800 million on first day sales, And there is a huge science behind Candy Crush-Saga Temple Run. Gamification is a concept we can use to address our day to day concerns creatively. Instead of team building, e-learning, outings you can create a game to to just that. And in order to crowd source your problem within your organization a game could be a wonderful solution. New generation problems require new generation solutions.

The best Esports in India just got concluded and what an experience did the audiences had who were part of it. PUBG Mobile gamers in India are gonna be some of the best players in the world. I would easily say PUBG Mobile is like Cricket in India. Everybody plays, everybody understands, everybody loves to watch!

According to the official PUBG Mobile Esports channel, the full movie will come out very soon so stay tuned to catch as early as you can.

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