Indian Railways To Introduce 150 Private Trains By 2024

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Indian Railways is looking to run 150 private trains by 2024, Railway Board chairman VK Yadav told Economic Times in an interview. Private operators are expected to help the national transporter handle higher demand and bring in new amenities, but the sector will need a regulator to settle disputes. India’s first private train Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express will start services next month. Run by IRCTC (the Railways’ catering and ticketing arm), the train aims to offer plane-like facilities at half the cost, media reports said.

This is going to be a good initiative to bring private trains. Many people face a lot of problems while book a ticket or seat availability.By implementing this, these issues will be sought out upto some extent.

New Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express Becomes India’s First Privately Operated Train

Yes, corruption will increase. Actually now a days definition of corruption changing. I feel, it is not good to privatize, At-least, ticket prices will be in under control.

Nation with a large population and growing new cities needs world class connectivity.High congested routes running high speed private trains will reduce traffic density and improve safety and comfort.Such Trains could be part of India’s mobility with India Railways allowing private trains operators.

The priorities being somewhere else like improved signalling, improved timetable management through automation and improved energy efficiency by quicker implementation of electrification, I wonder why these frivolous proposals are even floated by the Railways. Talgo is here to grab, so are ALSTOM, GE, Siemens etc. But the Indian Railways are expected to act smart. Let’s see how things unfold.

Indian Railways to ban Single-use Plastic Material on Trains and Stations from Oct 2

While its good move from Indian Railway to bring private train set manufacturer on main line with latest technology available in accordance with the concept of Metro as exist in India. Such initiatives can make IR owned coach manufacturing facility loose its dominance & will collapse one day similar to state owned wagon manufacturer as Burn, Brathwaite, Jessop etc. Before it happens IR should go ahead with privatization of coach manufacturing facility & can have better price in today scenario.

Delhi Metro Gets the First Fully Automated Driver-less Train in the Country

The Union Cabinet of India has approved nearly Rs 13,000 crore to upgrade the Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Kolkata stretches for trains running at 160 kmph.

How will privatization benefit Indian Railways?

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