India To Have Largest App Developer Population Base By 2024

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India will beat the United States as the world’s biggest engineer talent pool center by 2024, as per a Progressive Policy Institute report. The nation at present has 1.67 million application economy employments, up 39% from 2016, while the United States had 2.24 million designer occupations as of April and the European Union 2.1 million starting in July. Inside India, Bengaluru tops the race with 362,000 professional jobs, trailed by Delhi (248,000) and Mumbai (137,000). Statistics and predictions recommend that the digital economy may contribute up to $538 billion to the Gross Domestic Product by 2020, about a portion of which will originate from applications.

Will the new age developers getting the pre-required advanced technological skills? Are we all set to motivate and utilize high-end value out of this statistically strong position in the next 5 years’ time?

Indian technological professionals were from before helping solve problems in the United States since independence. Doctors, engineers, traders, etc. However, until the middle of the 1980’s, it was just ” Brain Drain”.

Tata consultancy services and other leading Indian Information technology firms were already doing the “Body shopping” process, in that case, programmers were transferred to the United States. However, a systematic and well-planned outsourcing process finally started with General Welch. And later after a span of ten years, General Electric initiated the organized Business Process Outsourcing industry in India as well.

Currently, Information Technology and Information Technology Enabled Services industry is worth 190 billion$. Tata Consultancy Services has a current market capitalization which is more than IBM. Infosys is in the Third position on the most respected companies list across the globe.

India’s software competitiveness & process leadership in the world is being challenged like never before by China. The fantastic investments China has made to build the best of process capability since ~2010 is to be seen to be believed.

Not Bangalore, Delhi-NCR is the Biggest Start-up Capital in India

The best way to understand the Chinese software development race with India is by breaking up the recent 30-year period into decades starting 1999. India was at the forefront of software engineering & process maturity in ‘99; China was nowhere near.

I strongly believe India will overtake US Developers in terms of size as well as quality & productivity too.

Mukesh Ambani says India to become $10 Trillion Economy by 2030

In the United States of America, 75 developer out of 100 is Indian, this will help to stop the drain of the brain too.

India will have developers similar to technical support executives. if we don”t change our mindset and start solving our own problems via technology.

Its high time all state governments realize the importance of exposing the talent in tier 2 cities. India will emerge as the startup capital of the world if the talent in tier 2 cities is tapped well. No Wonder! I think the numbers in the top 4 cities will be even higher if tier-2 cities don’t catch up.

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