Indian Passport Ranks at 86th Position in the World; Less Powerful Than Kenya, Ghana & Fiji

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In the latest rankings of Henley Passport Index 2011, two Asian countries Japan and Singapore have jointly secured first place. India is ranked 86th in this list. This ranking depends on the strength of the passports of countries. The country which passes without a visa or Visa on Arrival is the most discounted destination, it is considered as the most powerful passport.

Who is the number one in the Henley Passport Index

First of all, let us tell you here that according to the Henley Passport Index, Japan has been considered the most powerful passport worldwide. It is number one on its list. Any Japanese citizen can get visa-free entry to their passport to most places in the world. It can be almost without a visa in around 190 countries of the world including India, China, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. At the same time, Japanese citizens need visas for some countries in Africa, Pakistan, Russia, Bhutan, Afghanistan, etc. Let us also tell you here that India does not come even in the powerful passports of the top 50 countries on this list. Not only India but Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh also fall somewhere behind in this list.

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Who allows 189 countries to come from Japan and Singapore passports according to how powerful rankings. India’s passport is permitted in 58 countries without a visa. Neighboring Pakistan is far behind. His ranking is 106 and with his passport, only 30 countries can be granted visa-free travel. Afghanistan has the lowest bottom of this country’s 199 passport rankings.

Both India and Pakistan have collapsed in this latest index, both India and Pakistan have slipped. India, which was ranked 79 earlier this year and allowed to go without a visa in 61 countries, now has a rank of 86 and India’s score has gone up to 58. The score in this index means how many countries can get visa-free or visa-on-arrival admissions through that passport. Pakistan’s current ranking is 106 and the score is 30 while the last time the score was 33 and the ranking was 102.

Big jump in Rankings of United Arab Emirates

There have been many reshuffles in this time passport index. Whereas South Korea and Germany have fallen from the first place, the United Arab Emirates has been ranked in the top 20. Now his score has increased to 173. This is the first time in the Henley index that is being released for 14 years. Similarly, in the 2014 top US and UK, the top level has reached the sixth rank.

Bounce somewhere In 2006, the United Arab Emirates, which ranks 62st in the world, has reached 21st position in 2018, booming rapidly.
The US and the UK slipped to the sixth position in the global rankings.
Apart from Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan are the world’s weakest passports, which are allowed only for visa-free entry in 30 countries.
Indians have the facility of visa or visa entry on arrival in 60 countries, of which these are the major countries. Bhutan, Fiji, Kenya, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Maldives, Indonesia, Jordan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guyana, Mauritius, Rwanda, Nepal, Palau, Myanmar, Somalia, Thailand, Zambia, Fiji, St. Lucia.

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Where is Russia and North Korea now let you know that Russia, which is ranked 47th in this list, requires citizens to travel to about 119 countries? In 119 countries, he can go without a visa. Let us now know about North Korea. The country is ranked 99th in this list and in 42 countries only its citizens are allowed to go without a visa, whereas for 184 countries, its citizens need a visa. 106 countries have been included in this list. The last six places include the names of Nepal, Palestine and Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The index is based on data obtained from the International Airport Transport Authority. For this, 199 passports and 227 destinations have been included. The latest ranking of the index shows that countries around the world see visas openly for economic and social progress.
Dr. Christian H. Kellyn, Chairman, Henley & Partners

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