India to build its own Sarkari WhatsApp & Gmail for Official Government Communications

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If you have a complaint from Facebook-owned What’sapp App then you have good news for you. The Indian government is preparing an app like Whatsap. This app will be used for communication between government agencies. According to the report of Economic Times, a senior government official has given this information.

In an interaction, the official said, “In terms of security, we should have an e-mail and messaging system which is not dependent on foreign companies. There is a need for such systems for at least government communication.

He further said that it is being discussed that we have a safe and indigenously developed network for official communication. As soon as Whatsapp is talking about making a government app.

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Whether it is home-grown or not, lack of high standards of security makes it all vulnerable. If the Indian govt does not invest in super-high NSA or CIA grade security standards, all such policies are just another way of looting the taxpayers’ money.
The Central Government of India has zero lack of funds to invest in superior quality security standards, it is only a matter of choosing not to due to political propaganda.

In fact, the government is thinking that the data on which the government talks on it is completely stored in India. The official further said that in the beginning this type of app will be used for government communication and if successful, it will be forwarded to the common man.

Now this news that Government is creating a WhatsApp for office use, purely from security concerns.

Could this be as powerful as WhatsApp? If yes then it should provide bulletproof security, it can start a new popular platform.

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It is worth mentioning that the news of this plan of the government has come to light recently when the charge of espionage has been put on black list in the US. Also, companies such as Google, Intel and Qualcomm have stopped supporting Chinese Smartphone Maker Huawei.

If the government is worried about security then the homegrown app should be unhackable. Security and privacy absolutely air-tight. Not just for local apps but across their digital presence. As recent as January 2019, the SBI servers were hacked because it lacked a simple password.
Even the French government’s secure chat app was hacked.

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