MyBSNL Mobile App launches Reward program; Will Pay You Money For Watching Ads

MyBSNL Mobile App launches Reward program; Will Pay You Money For Watching Ads

Now BSNL users can earn reward points for watching advertisements on the application, which can be converted into real cash for few selected digital wallet platforms.

Additionally BSNL’s new app is trying to become a Whatsapp rival. My BSNL App will also allow users to chat with other BSNL users, total free of cost.

BSNL is very delighted to introduce new release of their exciting and innovative MyBSNL Rewards app, MyBSNL Rewards builds on the reach and engagement with the loyal customers achieved with earlier releases, MyBSNL Rewards is providing the same support and value added services as earlier but introduced new and exciting feature, which is stunning rewards program for loyal users who opt-in to accept personalized advertisements; they have also launched a powerful chat option like Whatsapp that is easy-to-use, private, safe and secure.

My BSNL app provides simpler and faster services like Postpaid bill Inquiry, Post Paid Bill Payment GSM, CDMA, Landline and Wi-Max, View Bill Payment History for all your numbers.

Additionally it caters all payment options – via credit card, debit card and net banking and Prepaid Top Up, Loading Plan / Migration Voucher, International WIFI service for 44 thousand location across the world.

The MyBSNL Rewards app has new new design and refreshing interface. They have build the app to implement a more contemporary, consistent, and compelling user experience that also provides significant new functions like BSNL users are awarded with Reward points for watching video ads. Members are awarded additional points for taking some action such as playing a video, giving a survey, answering poll questions, linking to campaign website, or posting an SMS. A detailed information of Reward points earned and credited in your account can be checked any time from the application dashboard.

Members of the MyBSNL Rewards program can choose which ad campaigns are to be shown on their mobile phones. By registering details about themselves and their interests, Members ensure that they only receive ads that are similar to their personal interests. Each and every ad presentation earns reward points,MyBSNL Rewards Members are also entitled for unlimited use of the AddFone phone/chat service. Similar to many popular mobile phone/chat apps, AddFone provides a free and secure way of communicating with friends, relatives and family.

As with earlier versions of the MyBSNL app, MyBSNL Rewards provides access to a wide range of BSNL services including Bill Pay, Recharge, Usage, Accounts, History, Special Offers, Wi-Fi Hot spots, Fancy Numbers, and much more.

The app has been updated and relaunched on Google Play Store, but the iOS version is still not updated.

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