Reliance Jio Becomes 1st Telcom Company To Launch Kumbh 2019 App

Reliance Jio Becomes 1st Telcom Company To Launch Kumbh 2019 App

Indian Telecom Giant Reliance Jio is not missing out on any opportunities when it comes to offering unique services to its customers. The telcom company has launched ‘Kumbh JioPhone’ to commemorate the Kumbh Mela 2019 that happens in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. It is the largest congregation all over the world bringing more than 130 million pilgrims for over 55 days, as they gather for taking a dip in the holy Ganga river. Reliance’s Kumbh JioPhone is looking at creating the Kumbh experience seamless for the pilgrims with the backing of speedy 4G and other services.

Kumbh Jio Phone Packs Handy Features For Pilgrims Like Location Tracker, Real-time Information, and More

Lost & Found, Live Darshan & More Free Services

Using this app, pilgrims have access free Lost and Found service. In case any pilgrim gets lost in the Kumbh mela, they can easily find and locate others using this useful service.

Since more than 13 crore devotees are expected to visit Allahabad for Kumbh mela, this will prove to be useful and valuable service. This service is branded as ‘Khoya Paaya’ service, which means ‘Lost and Found’.

Using Family Locator service, which will be closely working with Lost and Found service, visitors to Kumbh Mela can trace, track and locate their family members.

Real-time information on trains, buses and other transportation alternatives associated with Kumbh Mela can be accessed via this app. Visitors who wish to reach Allahabad and later leave for their native places will find this service very helpful.

Passenger shelter and camps can also be located using this Kumbh 2019 app. This will assist pilgrims to locate appropriate accommodation in and around the Kumbh venue, which will be Ganges ghat.

Emergency numbers for Kumbh Mela will be also available for the app users. Timings for the Holy baths, date and time for important events, maps and more information shall be provided to the app users, free of charge.

In case any pilgrim is not able to visit Allahabad to witness this mega-event first hand, they can watch live darshan via JioPhone app. This live darshan will be telecasted 24 by 7, and has been named Jio TV via Kumbh Darshan. Daily quizzes, Bhajans, devotional music and songs will be also played via Kumbh Radio round the clock.

Important alerts and announcements in and around Kumbh at your fingertips.

Speaking on the partnership, a Jio spokesperson said, “JioPhone is at the centre of innovation and the Kumbh JioPhone initiative continues to demonstrate our focus on bringing disproportionate and true value for the JioPhone consumers. The JioPhone has become the largest selling phone in India simply because of the value it translates into and the features it offers. We are proud of the fact that everyone in India can now get access to a smartphone at as low as Rs 501 with features and functionalities that are Made in India, Made for India and Made by India.”

Jio is working closely with the UP Police & KASH IT to ensure the Kumbh Mela experience is effectively and efficiently delivered.

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