McDonald’s launches its first restaurant in the holy city of Tirupati

Tourists, visitors and residents of Tirupati, one of the busiest pilgrimage destinations in India, would now be able to consume and appreciate the delicious burgers and the world’s best french fries. The Golden Arches are set to line the horizon of Tirupati as Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL), ace franchisee of McDonald’s in West and South India, has propelled the main McDonald’s restaurant in the city. Individuals in Tirupati can likewise enjoy a scope of outlandish espressos, and treats from McDonald’s in-house espresso chain – McCaf�.

The city’s first McDonald’s restaurant brings you the exuberant and latest sophisticated interiors and is situated on the ground floor of BNR SV Mall. Operational from 10 AM to 11 PM, it is spread more than 2,100 sq. ft. also, can easily accodomate more than 80 visitors.

McDonald’s conveys to you a wide assortment of healthy menu alternatives including the much cherished McAloo Tikki Burger, the generally famous Chicken McSpicy Burger, the inventive Chatpata Naan and the as of late presented Rice Bowls. These burgers, as additionally wraps, are accessible in the entire wheat variation too, making it a one-shop stop for anybody searching for nutritious and flavorsome food and snacks at any time of the day.

That is not all! Very soon, the brand will soon launch McBreakfast and McDelivery benefits in the city. With this, clients will most likely eat up healthy, delightful breakfast, and appreciate a flavorful McDonald’s feast in the solace of their homes and workplaces.

Talking at the dispatch, Gerald Dias, Director – Business Operations – South, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd. stated, “We are excited to open our first eatery in Tirupati – a city that not just has near 40,000 pioneers each day, but on the other hand is one of the quickest developing shrewd urban areas in the nation. The city’s flourishing the travel industry and dynamic socioeconomics present a colossal development open door for us. We are centered around growing our impression here while conveying extraordinary esteem, assortment and comfort to our clients.”

Speaking at the launch, Gerald Dias, Director – Business Operations – South, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd. said, “We are thrilled to open our first restaurant in Tirupati – a city that not only hosts close to 40,000 pilgrims every day, but is also one of the fastest growing smart cities in the country. The city’s thriving tourism and dynamic demographics present a huge growth opportunity for us. We are focused on expanding our footprint here while delivering great value, variety and convenience to our customers.”

Throughout the years, McDonald’s has built up an indigenous menu totally special to India. The brand has dependably been insightful of the Indian sensibilities. It keeps its veggie lover kitchen separate from the non-vegan kitchen and does not serve pork and hamburger in any of its restaurants.

HRPL at present works 292 McDonald’s outlets in West and South India. This is McDonald’s fifth restaurants in Andhra Pradesh after Vijayawada, Nellore, Kakinada and Vishakhapatnam and 112th store in South India.

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