BSNL launches India’s First Internet Telephony Service Wings, Challenges Jio, Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger

BSNL launches India’s First Internet Telephony Service Wings, Challenges Jio, Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger

State-owned telecom operator BSNL has chosen to specifically challenge Whatsapp and Reliance Jio, with their new service of Internet calling.

BSNL ‘Wings’ Will Finally Fly Starting July 25th!

The official registration for the BSNL internet telephony service will be open by this week and the services will be activated from July 25 onwards.

Telecom Minister Manoj Sinha formally propelled Internet telephony service by BSNL, which will enable BSNL clients to call any number in India by means of the Internet.

Indeed, even landline connection customers would now be able to make calls through the Internet, and they don’t require any SIM for that. BSNL had been trying to launch this service since 2015, and now the internet telephony services are live.

Internet and an application will allow users to need to make Voice over the Internet. Wings are the name of the application which is required to make calls using the Internet seamlessly.

The Minister said, “In a present competitive environment, an increase in market share by BSNL is laudable. I congratulate BSNL management for internet telephony which will enable consumers to make a call without SIM,”

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Shrivastava briefed everyone that this service can also be utilized in abroad as well, and BSNL users will just need Wings application to make calls anywhere using any public Internet connection which can be accessed via WiFi.

BSNL has declared a tariff plan of Rs 1099, which includes free unlimited calls anywhere in India, made from India or abroad.

Anupam said, “The benefit for existing BSNL landline customers is that they can receive incoming calls on the app irrespective of their location,”

Enrollments for this new administration will begin in a couple of days, and the genuine administration will kickstart from July 25th.

BSNL giving tough competition to Jio and Whatsapp?

Jio too needs to offer Voice over Internet telephony services for their customers, and as per the market reports they are working on it and soon going to launch.

By propelling this new voice over internet service before Jio, BSNL has really beaten Jio, however, once both the telecom administrators dispatch undeniable administration, the real champ can be gauged.

On the other hand, BSNL has now openly challenged Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and all other messenger applications which provide SIM-less calling features with the help of the internet via their apps.

Actually, BSNL’s Wings is specifically going up against Whatsapp and different applications now, as clients are presently getting more alternatives with Wings, contrasted with these applications.

Be that as it may, other telecom administrators have been restricting BSNL and Jio’s wants to offer Voice over the Internet, as this can reduce their profits made via voice calls. But on the other hand Government and TRAI have officially given a green signal to SIM-less calling feature.

It is fascinating and will be very exciting to watch the following move of other telecom service providers in India.

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