Rajasthan Museum to set up Humanoid Robot Guide to Welcome & Entertain Tourists

Anoop Srivastava, the FOUNDER of the historical center, said the robot will soon begin inviting guests and give them data about the gallery like an “Well planned and trained guide”.

Rajasthan’s acclaimed Jaipur Wax Museum, arranged on the premises of the popular Nahargarh Fort on the Aravali Hills, is good to go to acquaint a robot with welcome its guests.

“I always wanted to introduce innovative features to the museum as it is very important to surprise and engage the audience. We live in a technology-driven world where everyone looks out for something new and different,” he said.

“We had been dealing with the ‘automated guide’ idea for a year. The 5-feet-10-inches tall robot will speak with individuals in English. In any case, we will refresh the product to incorporate Hindi dialect too,” Mr Srivastava stated, including it is in the final phase of making.

Discussing the working of the robot, the historical center chief said it is ready to turn its head by 28 degrees and show to its guests different displays with its hands.

“We are likewise chipping away at the propelled stages wherein the robot will have the capacity to perceive faces, pictures and different robots. The ‘brilliant’ robots will welcome the guests, sing tunes and interface with them also,” Mr Srivastava said.

She said there are additionally plans to fit a 7-inch TV screen on the chest of the robot which would display information whatever it would state.

The exhibition hall features wax and silicon statues of identities like Maharana Pratap, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Mother Teresa, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and recent Jaipur rulers, among others.

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