Coca-Cola launches Thums Up Charged No Sugar Variant in India

With a new variant, Coca-Cola is stepping up the strong cola narrative that has been associated with the brand for the last four decades.

Coca-Cola India, one of the nation’s leading food and beverage companies, today reported the dispatch of ThumsUp Charged No Sugar, the organization’s first home-developed drink to be offered in a no sugar variation with the same solid taste and additional thunder. The presentation of the new variation is a stage towards Coca-Cola India’s sense of duty regarding to promote moderation and offer people the choice of regular, low-sugar and no-sugar options to choose from. Customers would now be able to make the most of their favorite ThumsUp taste with a similar taste while remaining aware of their sugar consumption.

The Coca-Cola Co’s Indian unit has revealed a without sugar rendition of its Thums Up Charged variation. Thums Up Charged No Sugar is depicted by the firm as “a stage towards Coca-Cola India’s sense of duty regarding advance balance”, as a major aspect of Coca-Cola’s more extensive ‘total beverage’ strategy.

The dispatch takes after Thums Up Charged, which was launched again last year globally.

“We are presently anxious to take the iconicity of this brand to the following level with Thums Up Charged No Sugar and enlist more customers in our trip to make Thums Up the primary home-grown billion-dollar beverage brand,” said Vijay Parasuraman, VP Marketing at Coca-Cola India and South West Asia . “The no-sugar, no-calorie variation is gone for customers who need to adjust their sugar intake levels and make the most of their most loved drink also.”

The launch is being bolstered by a showcasing effort in relationship with Marvel as there are about to launch one of the world biggest superhero film Avengers Infinity War on April 27,2018.Cans and PET bottles of ThumsUp Charged No Sugar include representations of four Marvel Avengers superheroes – Thor, Iron Man, Hulk and Black Widow. The crusade is bolstered by TV ads and Online social Media sites.

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