Surat Becomes 1st District To Have 100% Solar Powered Health Centres

Gujarat’s Surat district has become India’s first district  to have complete (100%) solar powered Primary Health Centre (PHC). It is very much important and anticipated to have this source of energy at the time when global warming is enhancing with each passing day; Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s state’s district has switched to solar power to overcome the issue. In total the state has 52 PHC and each and everyone now powered by a solar system. This positive initiative will not only bring down the electricity bill by 40 percent but also help fight global warming.

When an Global warming is become reality day by day and temperature are mounting with each passing day, Gujarat’s Surat region has changed to Solar based energy to battle the issue.

Surat has turned into the main region in the nation to have 100 percent Solar Powered based Primary Health Centers (PHC).

There are a sum of 52 PHCs in the area and every one of them are presently powered by Solar system.This activity won’t just cut down the power charge by 40 percent yet in addition help battle a dangerous atmospheric devation or so called global warming..

“Other than PHCs, there are 572 gram panchayats in the Surat District, out of which 150 are solar power based gram panchayats and soon the other 422 panchayats will too be solar power based managed and controlled. 25 percent of the aggregate cost of making the gram panchayat Solar power based fueled has been borne by the locale panchayat,” District Development Officer K. Rajesh told ANI.

Rajesh is very much confident and assured that Surat would set an example for the country by developing villages that use sustainable forms of energy.

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