Indian Army Team becomes First to climb Mount Everest without using Oxygen Cylinders

A team of four Indian Army personnel successfully climbed Mt Everest has become the first team to scale the world’s highest peak without supplementary oxygen.

The four climbers are Kunchok Tenda, Kelshang Dorjee Bhutia, Kalden Panjur and Sonam Phuntsok.

Out of aggregate 14 individuals from the group, three mountain climbers

– Urgyen Topgye, Ngwang Gelek and Karma Zopa – effectively climbed Mt Everest with the support of supplementary oxygen.

“We had shaped a group of 10 individuals with the plan to scale the Everest without utilizing oxygen barrel, and prevailing with regards to sending four individuals to the highest point of the world without oxygen,” Col Vishal Dubey, pioneer of the Snow Lion Everest Expedition 2017, told PTI.

This was interestingly that any group had made endeavor to climb the Everest without supplementary oxygen, he included.

“Our point is to climb the Everest without conveying oxygen chamber and make history,” he said.

More than 4,000 individuals have so far climbed the 8848-meter top, of which just 187 individuals have done this without oxygen on individual basis.

Six Sherpa guides of the expedition also reached the top of the world with the supplement oxygen. The team, which scaled the Everest on May 21 returned to Kathmandu on Friday.

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