World’s Highest Rail Bridge is Being Built Over Chenab River in India, Taller Than The Eiffel Tower

India is building the new world most noteworthy rail connect over the waterway Chenab amongst Bakkal and Kauri in the Kashmir Railway course. Chenab Bridge is one of the piece of super venture of another railroad line from Udhampur to Baramulla in the condition of Jammu and Kashmir. The Chenab stream extension is 359 m (1,178 ft) above river bed and will be the highest arch bridge in the world.

Jammu and Kashmir is a standout amongst the most engaging travel goals in India and the new up and coming world most noteworthy railroad connect drawing in more travel delight to the state. The curve bridge will likewise have longest circular segment traverse for a Bay Area Rapid Transit rail framework and will be the most elevated curve connect on the planet as well.

As indicated by Indian Railways, the second and third most astounding railroad curve bridge are Najiehe Railway connect (at a stature of 310 m) at Liuchangxiang, Guizhou, China and Bejpan River Shuibai Railway connect (at a tallness of 275 m) at Liupanshui, Guizhou, China.

The course will have vast number of passages and scaffolds which are to be executed in exceptionally tough and sloping territory, with for the most part troublesome Himalayan geography. It will have one more second tallest rail connect in India while crossing the profound chasms of Anji-Khad close Reasi,will be known as Anji-Khad rail connect.

DRDO has worked intimately with Indian Railways to ensure that the Rs 12,000-crore scaffold can withstand any major blast in the terrorism-affected region. To enhance the safety and security, the bridge is being made of 63 mm-thick special blast-proof steel.

Steel is more practical and can take temperatures as low as – 20 degrees Celsius. This is an essential component, given the area of the scaffold. Also, steel can oppose rates of over 250 kmph too. As much as 24,000 or more huge amounts of steel will be utilized as a part of the development of the extension.

The Anjikhad Railway Bridge is the piece of the Jammu Udhampur Srinagar Baramulla Railway Link will be the second venture of the Kashmir railroad will be the second most noteworthy railroad bridge on the planet with a tallness of 186 m (610 ft) over the river bed.

The Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel or Banihal railroad passage is the longest rail line bridge in India and third longest on the planet with the aggregate length of 11.215 km.

The Panvalnadi connect over the waterway Panval in the Konkan area of Ratnagiri region in the state of Maharashtra is directly the tallest railway bridge in India and Asia’s third most astounding Viaduct. The Konkan railroad course is a standout amongst the most delightful rail course in India keeps running along the west bank of India and lofty Western Ghats and disregards through the 2,000 bridges and 91 tunnels.

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