Keylinga Himalayan Adventures: India’s First Igloo Hotel Stay in Manali Is Every Traveler’s Dream Come True

If you are still confused and organizing your vacation plans, while sitting inside your air-conditioned rooms and imagining whether the hills are really calling you? Step outside and you will have your answer. The boiling summer and intensifying heat and warm (read hot) breeze are reasons almost enough for anyone to pack their bags and head towards their favourite beaches or hill stations to get some relive from the hot summer.
For long, I have arranged treks to my can list areas and drop them inferable from the everyday routine of life. In the event that you have done it as well, you know the torment of sitting in front of the TV offer farfetched travel objectives and you’re mindful of the tragedy to be enticed and prodded that way!

I mean have you ever, similar to me, longed for taking off to snow-topped mountains and living in an igloo? I suspected as much. Be that as it may, fellas, this is not another bother! You can now really RENT and STAY in an igloo and learn to expect the unexpected. You don’t need to go to any outside land!

Manali in Himachal Pradesh is presently home to India’s just Igloo stay and it is a blessing from heaven. Winter-wear professional, Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje of Keylinga Himalayan Adventures, have opened two completely useful igloos high up on the slants.

The igloos are available on twin-sharing basis and come with everything you might need including a warm feather sleeping bags with extra fleece, thick foam mattress and hot water bottles.

The official site offers three packages that can be benefited at costs that range from INR 6,800 to INR 3,000. The bundles accompanied differed winter games and exercises. Take a gander at the photos to accept!

Go towards Kullu Valley and you will see these igloos inviting you with open arms, and they can without much of a stretch oblige two individuals. Be that as it may, this is not the best part. Even all the more energizing that you can assemble your own particular igloo and there are no focuses for think about how astonishing the experience will be.

The lodging’s site peruses, “Appreciate a solitary night in an igloo with all dinners. Skiiing, snowboarding and other winter exercises accessible as well.” So what amount does one have to spend for a night? All things considered, in the event that you would prefer not to take an interest in any exercises, you should pay Rs. 4,600 and in the event that you take up exercises then it can go up to Rs. 5,600. The Manali Igloo Stay was begun by Vikas Kumar and Tashi Dorje.

While outdoors is by all accounts the most daring and great choice out there, do you think it can beat the experience of living in an igloo? On the off chance that you are confounded, simply ahead and try it out this mid year.

While I can hardly wait to gather my packs, the coordinators are presently taking pre bookings for January 2018! Still if you have time for Summer 2017 pack your bags and leave quickly as possible.

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