Robots named ‘Champa’ and ‘Chameli’ serve customers at 1st ‘Smart’ Restaurant in Odisha

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A Bhubaneswar-based restaurant has recently introduced two indigenously developed robots to cater to its customers. The restaurant ‘Robo Chef’ located at Infocity DLF Tower area in Odisha’s capital has been recently inaugurated.

Latest Technology based Robots named ‘Champa’ and ‘Chameli’ have been trained with accepting orders from guests arriving at its restaurant as well as serving food, replacing waiters at the ‘smart’ restaurant.

These robots are equipped at a Jaipur-based startup and are designed and programmed with a voice-operated system to welcome and greet customers. They are developed using SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) technology and don’t need any guided path or environment modification to be installed at any restaurant.

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“Encouraged by the features of robots in cafés during my visit to the United States. Robo Chef is presumably the first restaurant in the eastern part of India, I needed to accomplish something interesting and needed to carry Odisha on the world guide with development in the Hotel business,” Jeet Basha, Robo Chef-Owner advised in an interview to a leading Indian Television Channel.

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The SLAM based technology empowers a robot or any gadget to make a guide of its environs and situate itself inside the equivalent continuously. The robot consequently guides itself like people just as tracks the courses and achieves the trained objectives.

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As promised by the robot manufacturer, the robot cleans superior to human professionals and is required to reduce expenses by 50 percent. It autonomously cleans all surfaces, for example, urinals, restrooms just as washbasins and floors in restaurants or toilets at the railway stations.

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The robots come built with 17 sensors that can sense the environment, heat, smoke, recognize people as well as welcome and communicate with them. The droids can work for up to eight hours and can be fully charged within half-an-hour.

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