Government to Build 1,400km Long Great ‘Green Wall’ of India From Porbandar to Panipat To Combat Land Degradation

The Central Government of India is figuring out perfectly in terms of feasibility and viability with the possibility of a 1,400-km long and 5-km wide green belt from Porbandar to Panipat to control deforestation and also supervise the spread of the Thar Desert. According to media reports that the arrangement is demonstrated along with a comparative activity in Africa, which traverses 12 nations south of the Sahara. In India, the divider would traverse the Aravalli mountains that cross Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi; the range has been recognized as an ecologically degraded region needing restoration. Certainly, the ambitious project is at an early stage.

Every individual should support this initiative. We need massive afforestation drives to recover degraded lands from becoming desert. These Forrest’s will help in revitalizing our rivers, underground water sources & make air quality improve. Not just for your kids. These initiatives are needed for your own benefit. Spread Green.

India and the world need kind of initiatives on the anvil to fight for climate change, also restore the normal and en dangerous flora and fauna. Kind of green walls necessary to bring back green cover, pure air, increasing soil fertility and to check soil erosion. The only the entire world needs right now: Government massive scale social and environmental projects like 1,400km long great ‘green wall’ of India. Indeed a praiseworthy initiative.

Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai & Surat likely to Sink by 2100 due to Rising Sea Levels

Humankind relies upon timberlands for endurance. Woodlands help keep our atmosphere stable, give oxygen and nourishment, direct water supply and give living spaces to the greater part of all species ashore, also occupations and assets for the worldwide economy.

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However, across the earth planet, they are huge environmental threats. With wildfires and development-fuelled deforestation continuing unabated, its need of a hour to restore our forests has never been so much important before.

Doing business in India may have become more attractive, but can India really afford a tax cut ? If the attractive tax rate, now proposed by the government, does not yield the desired economical surge, India is looking at burying itself in fiscal deficits that will erode the economy over time. Think of it as the ban on plastic, it may be too late but it is better than doing nothing. However, is it enough to save the environment specially factoring the increase in deforestation.

Bahaar-e-Kashmir: Asia’s largest Tulip Garden in Srinagar

Unfortunately, the switch to paper bags and paper straws has increased financial stress on small vendors and deforestation indirectly and has and not really helped clean up the streets as originally hoped.

At the first instance it was normally predicted that the sudden spike in the Earth’s greenery was due to climate change but after in-depth research and findings of the subject, NASA came to a conclusion that it was mainly due to human efforts and initiative.

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