T-Series is set to become number one channel on YouTube Globally

T-Series is set to become number one channel on YouTube Globally

Bhushan Kumar’s T-Series label is soon to take over PewDiePie, the most popular YouTuber globally, as the number one channel on YouTube.

The organization is putting money on an imaginative programming strategy, which influences to the Indian diaspora around the world.

Indian music label and film production major T-Series is set to become the most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

Indian music name and film production house T-Series is all set to become the most subscribed channel on YouTube globally. It is just on the verge to overtake PewDiePie, the channel which is published by Swedish gamer and jokester Felix Kjellberg, in a few days.

As of now, T-Series is seeing a month to month subscriber growth of three million every month. It is among the most-watched YouTube channels on the planet with aggregate supporters over the YouTube network at 114 million. What is momentous is that it had only 30 million subscribers toward the beginning of the year.

The rise of the Indian music label has shaken the hegemony of personalities like Kjellberg or Justin Bieber. In fact, numbers show that five out of the 20 most-viewed videos of T-Series are non-film songs.

T-Series’ other most-bought in channels are T-Series Bhakti and T-Series Apna Punjab, with 10 million subscribers each. The organization is depending on a creative programming strategy, which influences to the Indian diaspora around the world.

T-Series is a firm that has existed since 1983. It has increasingly capitalized on India’s growing number of internet users, with its channel uploading several music videos a day and using the platform to upload trailers for movies.

“The T-Series group has been creative in their programming system on YouTube. It advances discharge cycles and arrangements that chips away at YouTube and focusses on programming and commitment,” Satya Raghavan, head of stimulation, YouTube India, said.

Content-wise, T-Series has a sum of 29 channels crosswise over Indian dialects (Hindi, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Telugu, Tamil, Haryanvi, Kannada, Marathi and Gujarati), and transfers key music classifications, for example, Bollywood/film music, pop, reverential and works of art. It is focussed on Indian content and if its normal development is achieved, it will end up being the primary non-English channel to achieve the main spot on YouTube.

“T-Series has also been tapping into the creativity of independent YouTube creators and leveraging their influence to amplify their releases. It partners with creators to produce song and dance covers, and also sign key YouTube music talent as artists such as Shirley Seitia,” Raghavan said.

But what does T-Series’s phenomenal growth on YouTube mean for music labels in India, especially when it comes to revenues? “Though from the revenue standpoint it doesn’t benefit music labels a great deal, from an audience standpoint, it has a massive impact in terms of brand and promotion,” said Jehil Thakkar, partner, Deloitte India. “Being prominent on a platform like YouTube, or being an important part of a content ecosystem on any of the social platforms, has a huge multiplier effect for any content company, both in terms of direct and indirect revenue,” Thakkar added.

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