Auroville: Did You Know There’s A City In India Where There’s No Religion, Politics Or Money

Upon learning this, you will think that happened long ago, however its not. There is as yet a place to live, and not state for its view, but rather for their beliefs as a general public who don’t take after the benchmarks to which we are usual. In this town there is no money, no religion, no politics, no legislative issues. This is genuinely a heaven to live.

Think just in a place where there are none of these elements, where you can at long last live in peace.

This place exists and is called “Auroville”!

It believes in the service of truth, beyond religious conviction. All the people usually gather at a temple at the centre of the township called “Matrimandir“.

People in Auroville only deal with money when making cash transactions with people outside the community. All decisions taken in the town go through a localized assembly controlled by senior residents of the community. Apparently, despite the differences in Nationalities, languages and cultures things run incredibly smoothly there.

It was established in 1968 and was hailed as a worldwide city by UNESCO, as its inhabitants are more than 50 nationalities and diverse cultures. They exist together with no issue, since they have no political framework, have no religion, and on top, don’t utilize cash and getting all living through the arrangement of trades or so called barter system.

Auroville is situated in South India, 150 kilometers from Chennai.

In this epic city, the structures are made in light of a test design, as they are continually evolving. This is on the grounds that these structures try to enhance the utilization of sustainable power sources and their primary target: reuse and recycling.

“There ought to be a place on Earth that no country could assert as their own; where every single person of cooperative attitude who have an earnest goal could live uninhibitedly as natives of the world, obeying one single specialist, that of the incomparable truth. A position of peace, conc1ord and concordance where all the battling intuition in man were utilized only to defeat the reason for their sufferings and tragedies, to conquer their shortcomings and numbness, and to triumph over their constraints and incapacities. A place where the requirements of the soul and enthusiasm of advance priority over the fulfillment of wishes and interests or the quest for delight and material satisfaction, “was the possibility of Alfassa.

This city is situating itself as a model of supportable eco-city. It is a technique created by the multi-editing, consolidating natural product trees, cornfields and plantations, composed into 15 ranches, achieving a zone of 160 hectares. Along these lines, they guarantee much nourishment, so supply the population of the city.

In these farms work 50 villagers and 300 neighbors, creating 2% of rice and grains cultivated and half of vegetables.

Additionally, the town is likewise independent in milk and dairy items, and natural products in season.

Certainly this city is a case, where one of its standards is solid, both rationally and physical life.

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