Poonam Pandey in an eye-popping Blue Maxi dress at Strugglers Music launch Photos & Videos




Poonam Pandey stole all attention of the paparazzi at Kunal Ganjawala’s music launch for the movie ‘The Strugglers’. And the reason is for you all to see.Poonam Pandey flaunts her curves at an event.Check out…

 Poonam Pandey once again drew lots of attention at the Strugglers music launch today wearing a bold blue cleavage-baring strapless blue maxi.

Poonam Pandey who always trends on twitter is known for her sensational tweets making her the social media queen of India. With so many followers we are sure that she does have some charisma. Yesterday she thanked her followers tweeting “My fans are my strength, my power, my inspiration. You have given me all your love, and we have grown together.

Clad in a blue dress that threatened to slip off her well-endowed bust any moment, Poonam Pandey enjoyed the eye-popping ogles and ceaseless strobe lights of shutterbugs at the event. Also present were Kunal Ganjawala and Bobby Darling, but none managed to capture attention.

It was Miss Pandey all the way for photogs.

Poonam Pandey recently revealed on Twitter that she doesn’t wear bras because she finds them uncomfortable. Obviously, she wore none beneath this revealing blue dress as well.

Meanwhile, Poonam is reveling in all the attention she’s getting from her followers on Twitter. She’s also chosen not to react to sensational revelations about paid sex made by her stripping rival Sherlyn Chopra, who’s already stolen a part of Poonam’s thunder with her nude shoot for Playboy.

Poonam is presently preparing for her first acting assignment.

Do catch more images of Poonam Pandey in this revealing dress ahead.

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