ARMAN KOHLI – back in bigg boss 7 house – happy movements for Tanisha Mukherji – fight with Aijaz


Armaan Kohli is back much to the happiness of the hitherto distraught Tanishaa Mukherjee who was seen mouthing ‘I Love You’ to Armaan as he left the house on Saturday, when Salman Khan announced his elimination due to lack of votes.

Armaan walks out of the confession room while all the other housemates are gathered in the living area as asked for by Bigg Boss. Tanishaa who found it excruciatingly difficult to adjust to the absence of Armaan, looks overjoyed as she runs and hugs him upon his return.

Armaan who had been locked away in a ‘bonus room’ instead of leaving the Bigg Boss household and returning to his own residence, was allowed to be privy to all that transpired in the house upon his exit. Having heard Aijaz’s remarks on being Rajkumar Kohli’s son, Armaan is incensed and upon his return warns Aijaz that he is fully aware of what had been said about him. He also makes it abundantly clear that he will be resolving the matter soon and none too gently at that.

The amount of entertainment that this ‘resolution of matters’ is about to generate, only time will tell.

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